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22 – 23 June 2012 – ISTANBUL, TURKEY

Dear Colleagues,

The Fourth International Chest Wall Interest Group Workshop on Chest Wall Diseases was held successfully on June 22-23th, 2012 at the Marmara University Pendik Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey.
The workshop was organized by the cooperation of the Departments of Thoracic Surgery of Marmara University and Dokuz Eylül University Medical Faculties together with the EACTS, Turkish Society of Thoracic Surgery and Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Toracica.
Congenital and acquired chest wall diseases such as pectus deformities, chest wall tumors and sternal dehiscense were discussed and debated on the basis diagnosis and treatment, by the registration and participation of 180 academicians. The fourty of  75 attended from the USA, Latin America, Africa, Far East and various countries in Europe.


In the first day of the workshop four cases with pectus excavatum deformity was operated and the operations were watched live from the conference hall simultaneously


The workshop started on  Thursday morning on 24th June 2010, by MIRPE operations that the participants were able to watch the operation room  live from the conference hall by the tele-conference system momentously at the session which was chaired by Dr. MustafaYuksel and Dr. Jose Ribas Milanez de Campos. Four patients with pectus excavatum deformity were operated on by Dr. Hans Pilegaard, assisted by Dr. Korkut Bostanci.
The operations were completed successfully which had been interactively contributed by the participants as well. The lunch was at the Rosemary Reastaurant where everyone enjoyed the Mediterranean tastes and the Aegean view.


In the second day Dr.Robiscek gave a speech on the history of pectus correction surgery


In the second day, in the first session that Dr. H.J. Park chaired, the pioneer of the thoracic surgery, Dr. Francis Robicsek gave a speech on the history of pectus correction surgery. Subsequently, a debate on open versus closed repair of pectus deformities was carried on by Dr. Robicsek and Dr. Hans Pilegaard, who had the largest MIRPE series in Europe. As expected Dr. Robicsek defended the open surgery while Dr. Pilegaard defended MIRPE, both gaining support from the floor.


Dr. Robiscek, Dr. Wihlm, Dr. Pilegaard and Dr. Park


The next session, where the chairmen were Dr. Pilegaard and Dr. Kalliopi Athanassiadi, started with the speech of Dr. Vladimir Kuzmichev. He spoke about his experiece on correction of pectus excavatum without stabilizers. Following him Dr. Pilegaard presented his MIRPE experience on old adults. The last speaker of the session was Dr. Park and he gave a lecture on the morphology and age tailored approach which attracted great attention.

Dr. Athanassiadi and  Dr. Pilegaard


In the afternoon the first session was chaired by Dr. Ralph Schmid and Dr. De Campos. Dr. W. Coosemans lectured on the evolution of pectus surgery from open to minimally invasive surgery, as the first speaker of the session. Following him Dr. Jean-Marie Wihlm gave an inspiring speech on failures and Nuss to Ravitch or Ravitch to Nuss conversions. The last speaker of the session was Dr. Athanassiadi and she answered on her speech, the question weather we always need a reconstruction after a chest wall trauma.

Invitied faculty of the workshop


The next session was chaired by Dr. Kuzmichev and Dr. Onur Genç. Dr. Ahmet Önen gave the first lecture on the evolution of MIRPE. Following him Dr. Yüksel shared his experience with the participants on how to reduce the morbidity in MIRPE. The last speaker of the session was Dr. Kamil Kaynak and he lectured on the pain management in MIRPE.

The last session where Dr. Nezih Özdemir and Dr. Robicsek were the chairmen, started with the speech of Dr. Mehmet Bilgin on the preoperative evaluation in MIRPE. Following him Dr. Kuzmichev answered on his speech, the question weather we still need the Haller index for decision making in MIRPE. The last speaker of the day was Dr. Genç and he gave a lecture on the postoperative complications after Ravitch operation.
The participants departed from the Dokuz Eylül University Conference Hall for the Gala Dinner that was going to be held the same evening. In the gala dinner which was conceived in the concept of ''A view of the Izmir Gulf from above” held at the Kosebasi Restaurant, the guests assessed the whole evening while having their drinks, and enjoyed themselves after the mezes and kebabs along with the classical Turkish music performed live.

The gala dinner was held at the Kosebasi Restaurant with the view of the gulf of Izmir

On Saturday, the workshop began  at 09:00. The first session was chaired by Dr. Yüksel and Dr. Schmid. In this session Dr. J.M. Hendriks presented the Belgian experience on MIRPE and Dr. Gilson Sawaya followed him with the Brasilian experience on Nuss and Abramson procedures.
The second session, where Dr. Kaynak and Dr. Önen were the chairmen, started with the speech of Dr. Wihlm on the auto-correction test in preoperative assesment for MIRPE. Following him Dr. Park gave an inspiring lecture on the new devices and technologhy for pectus surgery. He introduced instruments such as pectoscope, claw fixator and hinge plate which were welcomed by the participants.
The third session chaired by Dr. Park and Dr. de Campos was on hard cases. Very interesting challenging cases were presented by Dr. Kaynak, Dr. Park, Dr. Kuzmichev and Dr. Coosemans. All the cases were debated by the participants interactively.

Dr. Yüksel and  Dr. Schmid


The fourth session was about the rare chest wall deformities and was chaired by Dr. K.T. Kim and Dr. Bilgin. Dr. Mehmet Bayramiçli shared his personal experience on the reconstruction of Poland Synrome as the first speaker. Following him Dr. De Campos introduced his own “De Campos” technique fort he sternal cleft repair. The last speaker of the session was Dr. J. Amato, sharing his own experience with the participants on the surgical approach in ectopia cordis.


Dr. De Campos


Following the lunch the pectus carinatum session started where Dr. Wihlm and Dr. Horatio Abramson were the chairmen. Dr. Abramson, who had blazed a trail by the minimally invazive correction surgery on  pectus carinatum deformity which is depicted as the the Abramson Procedure, shared his experience with the participants. Following him Dr. Yüksel presented the second largest series of Abramson procedure in the world, after Dr. Abramson’s own series.
The sixth session was chaired by Dr. Yüksel and Dr. Bostanci and the first lecture was given by Dr. Sydney Haje. Dr. Haje presented his experience on the orthosis treatment for pectus excavatum and carinatum. Following him Dr. F.M. Haecker lectured on his vacuum bell applications for pectus excavatum cases.
In the next session where Dr. Sawaya and Dr. Amato were the chairmen, cardiac functions in patients with pectus deformity were debated. Dr. Schmid lectured on the functional cardiac assesment with MRI in PE, followed by Dr. T. Krueger sharing his experience on cardiac function assesment by transesophageal echocardiography during PE repair.


Some of the invited faculty and the participants at the end of the workshop

The last session of the workshop was a mini symposium with oral presentations, chaired by Dr. J.M. Hendriks and Dr. T. Krueger. Four institutes from the various cities of Turkey presented their experience on the correction of pectus deformities.

Therefore, the three day workshop which had been held in high academic level and included complex academic debates had succeeded to an end. It was announced by Dr. Mustafa Yüksel at  the  closing speech of the workshop, that the Fourth International MIRPE Workshop was going to be held in Istanbul on 23-25th June 2012 and the  participants were invited for this appointment.


The invited faculty having dinner at Su Restaurant in Kordon


At  night a dinner at Su Restaurant in Kordon was organised for the invited faculty  to enjoy the Turkish meze and fish by the Aegean Sea.
On Sunday an Ephesus tour was organised for all the participants. Ephesus, once the most important commercial center of Asia Minor, the second largest city of the Roman Empire after Rome and one of the highlights of Turkey was fascinating as always.

In addition, we sincerely thank to everyone who had taken part in any aspect of this workshop as well as the Topkon Company which undertook the responsibility of  the organisation and to Turkmed, Tasarimmed and Seres Medikal companies for their financial and moral support.